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Collectivising Experience.
Our work follows one simple train of thought - providing our clients with universal public relations experience and skills. This method allows us to be proactive, flexible, and switched on! Keeping you up to date and most importantly, achieving your goals, is at the heart of all our operations.


crisis management

Reputations can take years to make, yet one ill-informed tweet may erode it in seconds.With the rise of social media and our ever increasing connectedness, reputations and your public image have never been more fragile. The Jones Collective provides swift and effective crisis management, implementing our structural processes at the flick of a switch,prioritising those critical 72 hours following an event. Nothing is beyond the pale, yet all crises require an experienced and reliable set of hands.

General Marketing

The Jones Collective provides marketing consultants for a range of businesses to assist them with advice and expertise around a specialised marketing discipline. Additionally, we provide a tailored marketing program for your business, and continuously keep you aware of hurdles and opportunities that may arise from the implementation of this program, via regular appraisals and check-ups. Each one of our experienced consultants in the field have been able to help achieve our clients’ business goals in a simple and efficient manner. You can be confident that our advice is based real experience, across a wide range of industries.

Email Direct Marketing

Email direct marketing (EDM) campaigns offer you a unique and highly beneficial medium to reach out directly to consumers. Be confident in the fact the Jones Collective has assisted in targeting your right audience, and assured your promotional content and information only goes out to those that have been chosen.


The Jones Collective specialises in personalised media and presentation skills training across Australia. Our highly skilled and experienced team is led by director Suzanne Jones, one of Australia’s leading presentation skills trainers. Suzanne is passionate about ensuring her clients are prepared to face any audience with confidence and credibility. From fronting a news conference, to delivering a key webinar, we understand the diverse nature of our media landscape and are ready to assist in all facets.

media liaison

Just as important as what you know, is who you know. Having ones finger on the pulse and understanding current trends and discourses is pivotal for your individual brand. The Jones Collective team constitutes a group of highly qualified journalists and PR professionals that can assist with your liaising requirements, media aims, and introductions to industry specialists, veterans and those important bodies needed to advance your aim. Having been involved in the media for our entire professional lives, each member of The Jones Collective has built up an extensive knowledge base, both explicitly and implicitly, while havingdeveloped a wide range of connections over the years. If you are after closer relations within the media cycle, we have your back.

B2B Marketing Services

The Jones Collective offers B2B digital and generation marketing, concentrating on lead generation and cultivation of customer appreciation throughout the lifecycle. Successful marketing generation and lead management rely on approaches that align accordingly with your brand and importantly with your customers’ needs and expectations. We develop strategic plans and campaigns to build and execute for your business.

stakeholder & community engagement

Engaging with your immediate community and network both online and in person requires dexterity and nuance, something The Jones Collective’s team has plenty of. Stakeholder engagement is critical to any organisation or individual public relations plans. Make sure you include it in yours today.



Social media has been an important networking tool for many years now, yet the amount of content required to feed these across varying platforms is increasing by the month. At The Jones Collective, our team of dedicated media advisors can take the hassle away from you, taking charge of all your accounts and crafting a coherent public strategy, remaining consistent across all mediums. A professional presence takes time and effort, something our customers are nearly always short on when it comes to social media. Allow us to take over this task, leaving you to focus on product development. We are here to work with you, as an extension of your business and to enhance your public profile.

Content creation

The Jones Collective believes in the formulation and distribution of superior digital content that can be disseminated across a breadth of mediums including infographics, outreach articles, and onsite sales copy. Our team of highly qualified writers and bloggers stem from a wide array of backgrounds and industries, allowing us to tailor your needs to the right person. Our content will appeal to people, not just a search engine.