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Episode 8 Collective Conversations | Talking Business with Helen Mac

Collective Conversations | Talking Business with Helen Mac

Helen Mac

As a business owner or manager, you have to handle a rapidly changing market-place, with increasingly demanding customers.

This creates a driving need for your team(s) to be nimble and responsive.

That’s what Helen Mac does!

Helen Mac is the Business Reinvention Expert – in the last decade, she has reinvented her lifestyle, her relationship, numerous clients’ teams and The Great Trentham Spudfest, to name just a few of her recent successes.

She specialises in maximising opportunities in individuals & teams, creating optimal performance in organisations of all sizes. Combining decades of experience in culture change and practical psychology based on her BA(Psych), Helen works with leaders, individual contributors and teams to dramatically shift their thinking and optimise outcomes. Her ideas can turn your business into a place where customers smile, employees thrive, and productivity, effectiveness & profit reach new heights.

Helen’s training workshops & coaching sessions improve employee performance and show business owners and managers how to reinvent workplaces so that people are encouraged to do their very best. She works with leaders, individual contributors & teams to develop an optimistic “TGIM*” culture, delivering better results.

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