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Episode 11 Collective Conversations | Talking Property with Nic Cuni

Collective Conversations | Talking Property with Nic Cuni

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As a developer do you go to a big brand agency to sell your projects or do you employ your own in house team?

Take a listen to Suzanne Jones and Nic Cuni discuss just this in #collectiveconversations episode Talking Property with Nic Cuni.

Biggest takeouts from this podcast:

- Going with a big brand name agency, you are leveraging the international brand but employing the local retail team that know the areas in and out that they sell in - they know the project, know the designer, know the builder and expected completion dates. On average every buyer will go through 5 or 6 projects before picking the one they want to pursue, if your display suite staff cant answer your questions, your project will be discounted very quickly by a buyer.

- Nic Cuni and agencies like Colliers are happy to work with and along side the in house agencies to sell a project and get the best outcome for the developer, especially in a challenging market you can get the job done a lot quicker

- Eleni’s kitchen is a must for authentic Greek cuisine!